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Marisa Redburn Photography

16:49   2-6-14

More new items at Mountain Man Trading!  1920’s Pearl King International Cutlery Co. Original Solingen First Class Straight Razor…with a lovely blonde cracked ice pearl celluloid handle!  Such a handsome design!


0:11   5-3-13   2 notes

New items at Mountain Man Trading!  1920’s Carpenter’s Boxwood and Brass Caliper Ruler by Lufkin…they just don’t make things like this anymore!


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Such a great find!  Antique 1800’s Churchill family photo album!  New antique items at Mountain Man Trading…

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New items at Mountain Man Trading!


23:58   4-9-13

New belts at Mr. Mister Vintage!  Don’t miss out on our 10% off Spring Sale…it will be ending this Friday!  Just remember to use the coupon code: SpringFever


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